Saturday, 28 January 2017

Welcome to the blog for the Ynot Squad Benchmark.

I'm just getting started forking the awesome Squadron Benchmark app created by Denis Wings.  Unfortunately he went silent after October 4th and I haven't been able to contact him.  I've sent him messages but they have not been answered.  I hope he is okay above all.

The fork was renamed to Ynot Squad Benchmark so there is no confusion and just in case Denis comes back to it at some point in the future.

Please use the new URL below to access my version of the game.

Ynot Squad Benchmark

Keep an eye out on this blog for further info and feel free to comment with bugs.

If you do post a bug report, please ensure you include what version of the App you have showing up as well as what Web Browser you are using.

With all the bugs I have been squashing, it is a good idea to refresh the game page and clear out cache to ensure you have the latest version running in your browser.  Some browsers cache differently and won't check for a new version of the files.

Hope you enjoy playing it!